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              About Us
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              About Us
              Glowing Hardware Manufacture Co.,Ltd. is located in Jiangmen, a industrial base of shower hardware in Guangdong,China.There's about 100 kilometer distance from Guangzhou and about 200 kilometer from Hong Kong. Jiangmen is good traffic around because it is highway connect center and important part of Guangdong Pearl River Delta Economic.There're 3 large Foreign Trade container terminal here.They 're Waihai port,Gaosha port and Xinhui Yinzhouhu port.They're less than 5 kilometer driving distance from our factory.These ports are convenience for export around the world from Jiangmen directly.Since history Jiangmen is a famous purchase center of shower hardware in China.

              Glowing Hardware Manufacture Co., Ltd is18 years manufacture experience in OEM / ODM export enterprise. It is also Chinese mainland famous hotel / Public / Shopping center plaza project hardware supplier.We could produce by the design of door factory / super market / Estate project developers / traders and so on.

              Glowing Hardware Manufacture Co., Ltd has been established in 1993.After years effort we have a certain scale of production capacity and in the professional segment products 3 holding facility which each holding up to 60%.They're specializing in mortise lock, brass cylinder and hinge. They responsible for Glowing's different buyers and different types of product manufactured.Focus on the overall value cooperation.(Objective:The competition in the market cost priority and delivery time contral effectively) For the Chinese government export tax policy and the "Company Law",Each holding facility have independent financial accounting,their own name and Tax administration respectively.Business customer service manage directly by the board of directors.Meet the buyers which in the architectural hardware products different requirements and effectively reducing the cost of buyers.It's the main reason 95% of the buyers keep returining.

              Glowing Hardware Manufacture Co., Ltd grow with our customer.We concentrate with our own professional area.We have CNC controlling lathe, spark erosion machine, digital controlling milling machine, hydraulic pipe bending machine, cold-heating forming machine, high frequency welding machine, argon arc welding machine etc.

              In production development we are good at stainless steel 316,stainless steel 304,Brass, Aluminum and Zinc Alloy metal Processing and surface treatment.A variety of different structures of metal in zinc alloy, aluminum alloy die casting, aluminum casting,steel casting,high-carbon steel casting(mould)for further processing. According to ISO requirements our factory set up Technology Development Department and Quality Control Department which all the staff through the "National Quality Supervision Bureau" professional skills training.There're 4 engineer and 6 mould technology developers headed by a chief Engineer for the overall technical support.In quality management and technology development buyers can provide real samples, drawings,photo and specific industry requirements ,Product market position and other information.Our engineers will be based on the customer's product market,structure,quality requirement to process.Ensure the product is same as customer's design(Concept Drawing Mould design Open Mould Test make the production process Delivery volume)Product development and design Glowing is in the lading position.Depend on a variety of architectural hardware features,we control every order in good condition.From raw material purchase,process,QC and packing we pay attention for every detail.Ensure every order quality arrive the standards. Over the years we serve from the Southeast Asian/European/North and South America and other countries of high standards buyers,help them DIY product design and manufacturing.Our services and quality is satisfied for our long term cooperation partner.

              Glowing chief executive director is responsible for operations and supervising the customer order process in order to guarantee the consistency of customer service and continuity. Trade Commissioner is fluent in English communication. They will quickly and understand the concept of customer requirements. Every customer from first email and the further cooperation trade commissioner will immediately follow up promptly and send the feedback. We are careful for every customer inquiry and positive communication. When customer place the order trade commissioner will arrange and follow the whole product process. Every order product step they will consult with QC department and note the customer by email or MSN/Skype. Let the customer know the order schedule. Before delivery they will double check the order detail. If customer have any question of the order they could contact the commissioner any time. We will solve any problem and challenge together with buyers.

              Our import and export rights is through the agent,"Guangdong Foreign Economic and Trade Office" form 2003.This will shorten our foreign exchange time. It's more important to protect buyers all commercial confidential. All the raw materials and export operations with government strong support. We concentrate on R&D and management so that the serveices and product keep pace with our customers.

              Department documents department is consist of merchandiser and Vouching. They are responsible for handling customer L / C terms of the review, revision. Follow-up customers in the bank receipts and payments of all operating and documents audit, balance all interests in the company and customers.

              Logistics Operation department is composed of customs declaration, shipping merchandiser. They are responsible for customer shipping containers, bulk cargo pallet, cargo storage and transportation, import and export customs clearance and arrange shipment. Guarantee the order safe arrival.

              Please choose us. We will be careful for all the order detail(From your first contact to delivery the order).You just to reach the container terminal clearance. We do our best to set your mind at rest. Let you have more time and energy to face your customer to make a big deal. Contact me now. We will give you a detailed response.
              Tel : +86 750 3091881   Fax : +86 750 3091819   E-mail : annieho@glowinghardware.com   Copyright © Glowing Hardware Manufacture Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved.